My Story

Curiosity & Passion: Fuel To My Fire.

To make it simple, I like creating cool stuff for web and mobile. And, this is my story.

8 years ago, I was pursuing a degree in engineering and decided to design a poster for a college event, out of curiosity.

That curiosity led me to discover my love for design. I continued to explore my passion by working on various design projects. My interest in digital design grew, the more I learned.

Soon, I was designing for the web, working with clients as a freelancer.

As I designed web pages, I also wanted to convert my designs into functional code. So I developed expertise in front-end technologies and WordPress development.

Along with websites, I started designing complex user interfaces that gravitated my fascination with UX, interactive UI, micro-interactions and web animations.

I’ve now been a freelancer for five years. As a result of my experience, I have developed a skill set that has not only complimented my creativity but also helped me thrive in this industry.